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This is the basic entry level diver training course so that divers can dive and acquire equipment from virtually any dive operator in the world. There are three phases of learning. 


Knowledge Development comes first to learn the basic principles of scuba diving.  Students read the Open Water Diver textbook (included in the course fee), watch the Open Water Diver Videos, and take simple exams.


Water  instruction follows with Confined Water Training usually at a swimming pool. Note that the pool may be family owned such as a backyard swimming pool, provided it has proper depth.


Two half days of consecutive Open Water Dives usually at a local scuba park or lake follow. The training is ideal for the entire family. The minimum age is 10.

Five introductory specialties including Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation are taught during this two day advanced scuba course.


After completion of the required chapters in the Advanced Open Water Diver Manual (textbook is provided), the training dives are taught over two consecutive days at an open water diving location such as a lake or scuba park.


A scuba kit (tank, BCD, regulators, and weights) can be provided ($100 reduction if students provide their own gear). The fee also includes all ancillary fees including certification costs, textbook, and related teaching materials.


Scuba park fees (if any) are  paid by students directly to the facility. The prerequisite is the Open Water Diver scuba certification.

Knowing how to deal with diving emergencies is the focus of this course. It is comprised of a combination of open water and classroom training sessions. 


The fee includes all certification costs, textbook, and related teaching materials.


Scuba park fees (if any) are not included and are paid by the student directly to the dive  facility.


The loan of a Rescue Diver Video is provided and they are also available for additional purchase. Loaned videos must be returned prior to the start of water activities.


The prerequisite is Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Many divers have commented that this certification is one of the most rewarding in scuba.

This is the first professional level in diving. This course is intensive as divers learn more about diving theory, hone their diving skills, better understand the underwater environment, and learn how to train and supervise divers.


The prerequisites to this course are the Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and  Rescue Diver certifications. Other requirements may also apply.


Additional costs may include the Divemaster Crewpack,  Divemaster Video, and the Divemaster application fee, which is paid directly to PADI.


Students must provide their own diving gear and pay all diving facility fees if needed directly to the dive locations. The Divemaster certification is the most revered and respected training level in diving.

Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) is specially mixed air that has higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content.


The advantage of diving with Nitrox is that it gives divers more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. This usually gives divers gives more bottom time and perhaps reduces the risk of decompression sickness.

Divers learn how to analyze air, understand depth limitations, label scuba tanks, and other important considerations.


Divers read the Enriched Air Diver Manual and watch the Enriched Air Diving video. The balance comes in a class setting where the Knowledge Reviews are discussed and a simple exam is administered. The minimum age is twelve years old. This specialty is recommended throughout the industry.

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